The Institute for LifeLong Learning for New Mexicans

The Institute for LifeLong Learning for New Mexicans

Our Spring, 2014, semester has ended, but we are busy putting together a program for the Fall semester.

          Important dates for the Fall semester:

                   - July 23:  Fall catalog available on the web site

                    - August 6: Registration begins

- August 26: Registration ends

- September 15: Classes begin

- November 21: Classes end


 Check back midsummer for a preview of the coming semester.

Meanwhile, descriptions of our Spring offerings are still available to give you a feel for the breadth of our programs: Click on the Coursesor Field Tripsbutton and select the desired offering description from the pull-down menu.



Since 1990, LifeLong Learning (LLL) has offered daytime academic-level courses, lectures and field trips that stimulate the intellect and help to expand the knowledge of adults aged 50+ in the Albuquerque area.


Our member-driven, volunteer-run structure enables us to keep quality high and fees low--$7/session and $10 for field trips with no additional membership or processing fee--as we strive to maintain our unique identity among local adult education opportunities, including: academic-style courses of up to five two-hour sessions and limited to 35 or fewer students to allow for meaningful exchanges with the instructors. Discussion courses and field trips are limited to 20 students. 


All our offerings are taught by experts. Our instructors include professors and professionals who are either working in the particular field or retired from it, as well as professionals who have made an intensive study of a particular area as an avocation.